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9-1-1 Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Enhanced” 9-1-1?

When a caller dials 9-1-1, the address and phone number of the telephone called from is display on a screen at the 9-1-1 Communications Center


What Should I Expect When I Call 9-1-1?

You will be asked questions. Try to answer all of the questions as best you can. The information you provide is needed to respond to your emergency in the most efficient way. The call receiver and dispatcher will work as a team to send help. The call receiver will give you First Aid/CPR instructions until help arrives.


What If I Call 9-1-1 By Mistake?

Do not hang up! When the 9-1-1 call receiver answers, just tell him or her that you called by mistake. If you just hang up, the call receiver does not know if an emergency actually exists at the location from which the call originated. If you are calling from a cell phone, the call receiver will not have your location and is not able to dispatch help.

With Enhanced 9-1-1, in most cases the call receiver will see the caller’s name, phone number and address. They may call you back to ensure that you are safe or they might even send a police officer to the address to ensure that there is not a problem.

Children often call 9-1-1 and just hang up. If this occurs, the call receiver will normally dispatch a police officer to the caller’s location to emphasize the importance of calling 9-1-1 only in an emergency.VOiP (Internet Telephones) and 9-1-1 Emergency Service


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