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When you think of 911, you probably think of those people who show up in emergency situations. But we’re more than emergency services. We’re public education.

MACC 911's team of public educators are out in the community providing a variety of educational programs to seniors, children, community groups, ESL affiliations, and adult service organizations, including:

  • Day Care Centers

  • Kindergarten / Grade Schools

  • Senior and Community Centers

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Community Organizations / Events

  • Civic / Service Organizations

  • Grant County Fair

  • Private Industry

  • Local Businesses

MACC 911 Public Education Connecting with the Community

Owls, tumbleweeds, watercraft, buses, and in the winter time, snowflakes can all be found in Grant County, which is why they were turned into characters for MACC 911 Public Education. You may have seen these characters around town, in schools, and at other public events. They’re making the rounds with our Public Education Team to help children and other community members learn more about 911 services.

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Education Programs Available For All Ages

For the Kids! MACC 911 Public Education Characters

Olivia Owl

Know Your Location

A wise teacher, Ms. Owl will explain what each of our characters want you to know. She also knows that when you are talking with the Dispatcher, the most important thing is to know your location.

Tommy Tumbleweed

Where is the Emergency?

Tommy gets blown around all the time, from place to place. That’s why he wants you to know where you are and to pay attention to what’s around you. That way we can determine where the emergency is so help can find you.

Sarah Snowflake

When did the emergency happen?

Sarah likes to take her time to float to the ground but knows that time can be important. Sarah wants you to let the Dispatcher know when the incident occurred.

Betty Bus

Who is involved in the emergency?

Betty sees a lot of things happen on her bus route and knows everyone involved will need to be talked to. She wants you to tell the Dispatcher who was involved in the situation.

Wally Watercraft

What is Happening?

Wally knows that when you are out having fun, what has happened can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. He wants you to speak clearly when telling the Dispatcher what has happened.

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