Text-to-911 Within Grant County Call if You Can, Text if You Can’t.

Hearing and speech impaired individuals benefit from Text-to-911, as do those who may find themselves in a situation where they cannot make a voice call, such as a home invasion or domestic abuse situation. Additionally, during a major weather event, the voice pathways for cell phones can become jammed, but oftentimes texts can get through.

The Multi Agency Communications Center follows specific protocols to make sure customers receive the best and proper care needed. In your darkest time, help is a phone call or text away. MACC 911 Dispatchers are always there to lend the help you need when it matters most.

  • Use Text-to-911 if:

    -Unable to speak due to an emergency situation such as a home invasion or abusive partner

    -Hearing or speech impaired


    If you are using Text-to-911 because you are trying to not be heard, remember to silence your cell phone.

Text-to-911 6 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Open your phone’s text messaging program.

  • 2

    Enter the numbers “911” in the “To” field.

  • 3

    Type a message with the exact location of the emergency (including city) and the type of emergency help needed (police, fire, or medical).

  • 4

    Push the “Send” button.

  • 5

    Stay with your phone, be prepared to answer text questions and follow instructions from the 911 Dispatcher

  • 6

    Be aware of auto correct, especially when providing a location.

Snapshot of text messaging 911, I need help. Reply is "If it is safe to make a voice call, lease call 911". "I can't talk". "What is the address of the emergency?"

Text-to-911 Process:

  • When you Text-to-911 in Grant County, MACC 911 Dispatch receives the call.

  • A single 911 Dispatcher is dedicated to your emergency.

  • Text messages come through the emergency phone system in the same fashion as a voice call.

  • Once the line is connected, the 911 Dispatcher begins asking a series of important questions. These questions are essential in keeping both you and our responders safe.

  • You will be greeted with, “If it is safe to make a voice call, please call 911.” Texting is meant only for those that cannot talk safely on the phone, those with hearing or speech impairments, or those who do not have a strong enough cell signal to make a voice call.

  • If you are hearing or speech impaired, state this in your text message so we do not attempt to call you.

  • As the caller, you will be expected to know your location (or address). If you are traveling, try to keep an eye on where you are and what roads you turned on. Look for landmarks.

  • Additional questions will be asked, such as: What happened? Are weapons involved? Who or how many people are involved?

  • When the 911 Dispatcher has disconnected, you will receive a text message stating such. Once this has occurred, the 911 dispatcher cannot text you back.

Text-to-911 Tips: Texting can be difficult because it takes time and effort to send the information and wait for a response. Here are some important tips to remember when you Text-to-911:

  • Know Your Location or Address

    You will need to tell the 911 Dispatcher where the emergency is located, including the city. 

  • Emergency Type

    Include the type of emergency help needed (police, fire, or EMS).

  • Call When Possible

    ALWAYS try to make a voice call, if able to do so. Texting takes valuable time that could make a difference.

  • Incorrect Auto Correct

    Be aware of auto correct! Especially when providing your location.

  • Short & Sweet

    Keep text messages brief and concise and use full words.

  • Silence Your Phone

    If you are trying to not be heard, remember to silence your cell phone.

  • Prepare the 911 Dispatcher

    If you are speech or hearing impaired, please let the 911 Dispatcher know this; otherwise, they will be asking you to make a voice call.

  • Avoid Confusion

    DO NOT use slang, text abbreviations, or emojis. Always use full words.

How Text-to-911 Works:

Active Data Plan

You must have an active data plan in order to send text messages.

Give It Time

As with all text messages, there may be a delay in the sending and receiving of texts. Please be patient and wait for the information to come through.

Limited Area

If you are near the edge or outside of a county that accepts Text-to-911, you may reach the general call center rather than the 911 Emergency Call Center.

English Only

Text in English only as interpreters are not available for text messaging.


If Text-to-911 is not available in your area, you will receive a bounce-back message stating such. If this occurs, make a voice call to 911.

What does NOT work with Text-to-911:

  • DO NOT send the same text message to multiple people at the same time. A “group text” will cause your message to not go through to 911.

  • DO NOT send your emergency text to anyone other than 911.

  • DO NOT use emoticons or other symbols.

  • DO NOT use abbreviations or acronyms (text speak).

  • DO NOT send photos or videos as they are not compatible and will not reach the 911 Call Center

  • DO NOT use special apps to send text messages, videos (such as Snapchat), or photos as they will not get through to the 911 Call Center.

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