Policy and Directors

Through an Interlocal Agreement created in 1995 with Grant County, the Cities and Towns in Grant County, as well as the County Fire Districts and EMS Districts, MACC's services, including 911 Dispatching Operations and Administrative Services, are governed by a Policy Board comprised of seven board members.

The MACC Policy Board has the authority and responsibility to provide policy and legislative direction for MACC. The Board appoints and supervises the Director, approves the final annual budget of the Agency, determines what services the Agency will offer, reviews and adopts personnel, purchasing, and financial policies, and acts as necessary to further MACC's goals and purposes.

The Board of Directors receives input from the Agency Director and Staff. There are three standing committees formed under the authority of the MACC Bylaws. They are:

* LAW Technical Advisory Committee (LAW TAC)
* Fire Technical Advisory Committee (FIRE TAC)
* Emergency Medical Services Technical Advisory Committee (EMS TAC)

As their names imply, the Committees represent the needs of the Agencies they represent and operate on a more technical basis providing recommendations and issues to the Board of Directors for consideration.

MACC Board of Directors MACC is governed by a Board of Directors that represents the Emergency Services Agencies, and the Cities and Towns of Grant County. The Board of Directors consist of seven members:

  • One (1) member from the Grant County Board of Commissioners

  • One (1) member appointed by the Associations of Grant County Cities and Towns

  • One (1) member appointed by the Police Chiefs of the Cities and Towns of Grant County

  • One (1) member appointed by the Grant County Fire Chiefs and Commissioners Association of Grant County

  • One (1) member appointed by the Grant County Emergency Medical Services Council

  • One (1) member of the Grant County Sheriff Department

  • One (1) member from the largest City or Town of Grant County

Alternate Board Members

Each Agency or discipline represented by a Board Member appoints an alternate member to act on their behalf. Alternate members have full power to vote and act as a Board Member when representing their Board Member position. The Chairman of the Board is elected annually at the January Board Meeting.

The Board of Directors acts as a final budget approval authority, is the final determiner of questions concerning policy and procedure implementation of the Agency, approves the disbursement of funds and/or equipment in conformity with the annual budget and through procedures set forth by resolution adopted by the Board of Directors.

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